What’s Behind Your Drive?

Do workaholics take on so much work because they are trying to reach a goal, or because they are trying to avoid facing something?

What can make someone run faster? The motivation to achieve and break a world record? Or the need to run away from a lion?

When an author publishes a book, are they doing it primarily because they enjoy writing? Or because they want to be recognized?

From the outside, two people doing the same thing may appear identical. But it’s what happens inside these individuals that distinguishes them.

These differences will impact their long-term results. One person will be consistent, while the other will quit before reaching their potential. One person will feel miserable, while the other will find joy in their work.

Motivation matters a lot. Ask yourself why you are doing what you’re doing. And when you have the answer, consider whether it is still worth pursuing what you’re doing, or if it’s better to find a different reason. Or maybe even quit entirely.

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