What I’m doing now

Here you’ll find all the things I’m focused on at this point in my life (aka WTF is Paulina up to).

Updated August 12th, 2023.

(Check out the now page movement by Derek Sivers if you want to find out more about this.)


Living on Koh Tao, a small island south of Thailand. Originally planned a 10-day stay but have been here almost two years.
I love the strong sense of community, the weather, and being minutes from beaches with rich marine life.


I’m currently working as a Project Manager for an Australian software and marketing agency.
I work remotely as a freelancer for about 20 hours/week.


  • Blog: here’s where I post my articles and essays.
  • Weekly newsletter: here’s where my weekly findings of the week.
  • Twitter: here’s where I put my short less processed thoughts and updates.


My main focus now is on building digital products like books, templates, or apps.

Morning Meditations

  • Envisioning a tools repository for remote workers. (Collab with Franck)


Moving my body

  • Gym (weightlifting): 2-3x/week.
  • Walk: Especially on hills or in nature.
  • Run: 2-4 times/month.
  • Snorkel: 2-3 times/month.
  • Yoga: Morning pranayama and vinyasa flow at local studios.


  • Focus: try to eat diverse food with as much vegetables as possible, and try to reach 100g of protein/day.
  • Avoid: Excess sugar and alcohol.
  • Supplements: Metformin, Magnesium, Zinc, Vit D3 + K2.

Mental health

  • Focus: Manage stress and anxiety.
  • Methods: Journaling, therapy, movement, breathwork, meditation, socializing, calls with friends, good sleep, mindfulness, and reading.

Other health stuff

  • Got health insurance with Genki in Jul-23.



  • The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker
  • Into The Desert: Taking Action To Build A Breakthrough Life by Joe Thomsett (unreleased)
  • Write Your Book on the Side by Hassan Osman
  • Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestos
  • How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie
  • Striking Thoughts by Bruce Lee
  • Ergodicity by Luca Dellanna


  • “Good Omens” season 2

Courses & Workshops

  • The Small Bets Cohort Course
  • Mentoring Sessions with Louie Bacaj
  • The Newsletter Launchpad