I talk (and think) a lot about how to improve my thinking to make better decisions so that I can become a better person and have a more fulfilling life.

Now I’m working on creating digital products to help people providing online services simplify their business, achieve their goals, and have a better lifestyle. 

If you’re looking to work with me, you’ll probably be interested in taking a look at the Work section.

If you want to get to know me personally, you’ll probably be interested in looking at the Personal section.



I hold a Master’s degree in Finance and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Professional Experience

  • Corporate Finance Analyst at Scotiabank & Deloitte.
  • Chief of Staff at the Budget and Planning Department of the Ministry of Education in Chile.
  • Business Analyst at a Fintech startup (Identity Verification).
  • English teacher at a Thai high school.
  • Freelancer: mainly doing financial content writing, digital operations management, optimization, and assistance.
  • Project Manager at an architectural design studio.
  • Project Manager at a software and marketing Agency (present).


  • ClickUp Expert.
  • Hubspot Revenue Operations.
  • FreeCodeCamp Responsive Web Design.


These are the things I know how to do on top of the skills and knowledge acquired in my formal education.

I usually learn things pretty fast, so this list keeps growing each year.


  • Project management: Asana, Monday, ClickUp, Trello.
  • Knowledge management: Notion, SharePoint, Obsidian.
  • Data Visualization/BI: PowerBI.
  • CRM: Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Hubspot.
  • Other: Google Analytics, Zapier, Appenate, WordPress, and several no-code tools.


  • SQL (intermediate).
  • M and DAX (intermediate).
  • Markdown (intermediate).
  • HTML/CSS (beginner).
  • JavaScript (beginner).


I can maintain conversations and read in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

For work-related stuff, feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn.


I’m incredibly curious and have a passion for learning and thinking. I thrive on acquiring knowledge about various subjects. Ideally, I’d have ample time to reflect, innovate, and discuss intriguing concepts with others.

I consider myself a creative innovator. Generating new ideas and solutions comes naturally to me.

I’m often skeptical, frequently questioning everything, which can occasionally irk those around me.

I’m a jack-of-all trades. Many describe me as versatile and proficient in various domains. This is likely because I gather knowledge from multiple sources and acquire just enough skills to meet my needs. For instance, I picked up minimal HTML and CSS to tweak my website.

I’m a bit obsessive. I can become engrossed in one thing for a while, but once something else captures my attention, I might move on.

I enjoy thinking and working alone. I need my solitary moments when I can read, write, and ponder.

Some people have told me I have a good sense of humor. I use to laugh a lot and don’t try to take myself too seriously.

I try to be tolerant and open-minded. I’m not particularly concerned about a person’s gender, age, or country of origin. Instead, I value their experiences and beliefs, which may or may not be influenced by these factors.

I prefer face-to-face conversations. If that’s not possible then I try to do video or phone calls. Text messaging isn’t my strong suit; sometimes I might not respond for days or even weeks.

I make an effort not to take things personally. If someone makes a comment that could be considered rude, I see it as their issue, not necessarily related to me.

Do you share any of these traits? Then I would love to hear from you. Feel free to send me a DM on Twitter

My Timeline

  • 1989: Born in Chile.
  • 1995: Skipped a year in school. Won a spelling bee contest.
  • 1996: Received my first computer. Father brought games from the US during his travels.
  • 1999: First experienced the internet.
  • 2006: Graduated from high school.
  • 2007: Took a sabbatical year.
  • 2008: Enrolled in med school.
  • 2009: Dropped out of med school.
  • 2010: Another sabbatical year.
  • 2011: Joined Business School.
  • 2015: Pursued an MSc in Finance.
  • 2016: Began corporate career as a Corporate Finance Analyst at Deloitte.
  • 2017: Left finance, joined a tech company in sales. Started my own business initiative, but it didn’t launch.
  • 2018: Became the Chief-of-Staff for the CEO at the Ministry of Education. Worked on the 2019 Education Budget Law. Limited time for side projects.
  • 2019: Returned to the tech company. Began creating digital products, but didn’t launch any.
  • 2020: The pandemic began. Spent 3 months in lockdown. Moved to Brazil for remote work but got laid off. Traveled Northeast Brazil for 6 months, took up freelance gigs, and resumed writing.
  • 2021: Traveled to Thailand with a friend to teach. Continued online teaching from Koh Tao. Later resigned to freelance. Tried selling digital products but faced challenges.
  • 2022: Lived in Thailand and traveled occasionally. Facing declining savings, I sought employment. An acquaintance got me a job at an Australian software and marketing agency.
  • 2023: Currently working part-time. Focusing on creating and launching digital content. Making online friends and feeling optimistic about the future.