Have You Thought About Rebranding?

Maybe you think your name is kind of awkward. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to update your logo, because the current one feels rather disjointed and “off”. And while you’re at it, you might do a site redesign. After all, you were planning to revamp the overall site design anyway.

But something inside of you says this might be just another form of procrastination. Deep down, you know it’s probably better to just focus on monetization and product improvements. But the design bugs you because it feels cheap and clunky.

How much do you think a brand contributes to a product’s success?
Can a company with a great product but a bad brand still succeed? I believe it can.
But a company with a lousy product and a great brand? It won’t last.

If you’ve come up with a clever name, great! Keep it and move on. Overthinking the name and logo isn’t worth it.

Your brand won’t make your product, but it can break it. Ensure the name you pick doesn’t leave you out of the game or force a change once you’re established. Avoid trademark issues or unintended meanings in other languages.

So don’t stress about coming up with an aesthetic name or a “proper” logo.
Focus on what matters: making a great product.
And the name? A good enough name will do.

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