Failure is subjective

When you try something and it doesn’t work out, how do you know it didn’t work?

Things can go wrong in many ways. How we see success or failure depends on our own expectations.

Let’s say you wrote a book. How would you know if launching the book went well?
Maybe you hope it ranks in the top 100.
Maybe you want to sell a certain number of copies in a period of time.
Maybe you want the recognition from people you admire.
Maybe you want people talking about it.
Maybe you want to receive high ratings from critics.
Maybe you hope one reader feels their life changed by it.
Or, maybe just finishing and sharing the book feels like a win, even if only a few buy it.

Some might see the last scenario as failing. But for you, it could feel like a big win.
Failure is subjective. The same thing can look like a win or a loss, depending on how you view it.

If your idea of success relies on things you can’t control, you might end up disappointed. But if you focus on what you can control – like choosing to write, share, and be brave, even if some don’t like it or don’t notice – you’ll likely feel satisfied.

Deciding to take action, that’s the real win. And it’s what will keep you moving forward.

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