I only suggest resources that I’ve found useful from my own experience.
I list here only the most effective tools I’ve found to be key for self-improvement and for your business success.

DISCLOSURE: I am an affiliate for some of these products, which means that if you follow a link for a tool and decide to purchase it, I receive a commission at no additional expense to you. My recommendations are driven by the authenticity of their value and utility. Please only buy these products if you are totally convinced they will help you.

Send me an email to [paulina aat paulinasaez ddot com] if you would like an in-depth review of any of these tools.


  • Project Management: ClickUp and Trello (for small teams)
  • Wiki and Knowledge Base: Notion 
  • Hosting and domain names: NameCheap
  • Visual Thinking, Ideation and Collaboration: Miro
  • Meetings: Zoom, Teams and Google Meet(I don’t have any preference of one over the other)
  • Email Marketing: ConvertKit
  • Dashboards and reporting: PowerBI and Excel
  • Forms: Google Forms or JotForm
  • Communications, research, editing/proofreading, ideation and so much more: ChatGPT
  • Online communications: I usually use what my clients use. My preference is still with Slack
  • Phone communications: Twilio
  • Video messaging: Loom and ScreenToGif
  • VPN: MullvadVPN
  • Receiving payments: Wise and Stripe
  • Communities: Discord (this is my favorite) and Facebook Groups (the popular and more accessible choice)
  • Social Media Scheduling: Buffer
  • PDF viewer and editor: Foxit
  • Selling your products online: Gumroad and Shopify
  • Password Manager: 1Password


  • Note-taking: Obsidian
  • Web-clipper: MaoXian Web Clipper – Make a copy of any article on your PC 
  • Learning: Anki
  • Personal online library: Calibre
  • e-Reader: Kindle
  • e-Reader app: Google Play Books (Android)
  • Text-to-speech app: @Voice Aloud Reader (Andoird) – convert your books into audiobooks. 
  • Laptop: Lenovo Legion Y530
  • Webcam: Logitech C920 Pro HD Webcam 1080p 
  • Investing: TD AmeriTrade (US), Fintual (Chile)